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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can visiting students attend laboratory, seminars and/or project courses?
Yes, SwB students can attend almost any kind of undergrad course, including seminar and project courses. The laboratories that are available will depend on your program at UofT.

Where should I need to go or who I need to find in the first day of class? Do I go straight to class or do I need to register myself somewhere?
Assuming that you’re effectively enrolled in the courses, i.e., your courses appear on your ROSI Personal Timetable, you just go straight to class on your first day. If you’re feeling a little lost, you can view a map of your classes located on the UofT Campus by clicking on the link below your timetable.

What's the minimum grade that i need to reach in order to pass a course?
You are required to have a minimum of 50% of the total grade. However, besides the grade, you also have to meet the other requirements of that specific course (attendance, for example), so read carefully the Syllabus of all the courses that you’re enrolled in. It is also very important to keep in mind that CSF has its own requirements for grades in order for you to remain in the program. Please check this with the CIE for the most updated information as it may change.

How are the tests organized?
Usually there is one or more midterms in the middle of the term, and a final exam at the end of the term. At UofT examinations tend to be weighted heavily (they are a large percentage of the final grade).

About the class schedule, when and how will it be defined? Will I know my schedule only when it’s done?
During the time that you’ll be choosing your courses and building up your schedule, you’ll have access to the official timetable of all the courses from your faculty. One of the websites where you can check the hours and days of your classes, as well as other informations about your courses, is
Remember that you are responsible for choosing courses that do not conflict with each other. Your final course schedule should be viewable on ROSI at

How will I know the classrooms and how to get there? Will any material be provided? Or, if needed, where can I buy everything?
You can find your classes schedule at the ROSI website under “Personal timetable”. There you will find the code, the time and the code of the building. Your course syllabus will be available to you in your Portal account at
Once you login, you will have all of the courses where you are enrolled, and each course will have documents for it. Every course is required to have a syllabus, where the textbooks for the courses (if any) are listed. You can buy your textbooks new or used at the Uoft bookstore at
Despite the convenience, it can be more expensive than other alternatives. You could consider which is a website where students sell their old textbooks. Also, there are Facebook groups such as in which students post textbooks for courses as well.


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