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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:42 pm

Is there any place where I can find a list of courses that we, from Ciências sem Fronteiras, can take?
There is no such a specific list for SWB students, but you can access the list of courses offered by UofT through the link which is a list that corresponds to courses offered to regular students. It is a UofT online system called Course Finder and you can choose all the courses there are offered by UofT, but it is highly recommended to make sure that CBIE approves the courses you are planning to take by sending them an e-mail.

Are pre-requisites the same for visiting students? If so, how do I know that my courses can be accepted as pre-requisites?
Theoretically the prerequisites are the same. Therefore, they will evaluate whether you have the prerequisites or not. The system they use to know it may vary. Engineering students use a system called EVSS (Engineering Visiting Student System). In this system, you request this analysis and they will decide if you have the prerequisites based on your academic transcript, also they will let you know if the course has vacancy in order to accommodate you. Thus, having the prerequisite does not imply you will be enrolled. For students that do not belong to the engineering area the system is different and there will be an CIE contact that will reach out to you about where you can send your informations and courses interest. You will be guided through this process by CIE (Centre for International Experience).

Where do I find the description and the pre requisites for courses? Where can I find the disciplines that I will be able to choose for the fall/spring periods?
By accessing Course Finder you can filter your search according to your interest (for example: by specifying campus, term and so on). By selecting a course you will be able to see its description, prerequisites and many other informations regarding this course.

Will I be able to enroll in courses from only the same program or explore multiple programs within my faculty?
It is possible to explore multiple programs within your faculty. It means that despite being an electrical engineering student, for example, you can take course from civil engineering. Also, despite being a engineering student, for example, you can take courses from Computer Science. In this case you will fall on two different methods of requesting courses since the departments and registrar offices are not the same. So, you have a wide range of possibilities.

How can we choose our courses wisely? How can we check that our choices are not too much or too easy?
First you have to keep in mind what you want and what will be useful for you. It is important to make a plan and choose many possibilities. Some people select exactly four courses that they are really interested in. However, they are not expecting schedule conflicts or other problems that may make some of those courses unaccesible. Saying that a course is difficult is very subjective. It is recommended that you talk to other people that have taken this course before. Check the previous exams at Skule Website (for engineering students) or at Art and Science Student Union (Art and Sciences). If you are not an engineering or art and sciences student you may find previous exams on UofT website, probably on some department’s web page. Another important point is to check the prerequisites and if you are confident with that even if you have the prerequisites. If you are in campus, you may be able to listen to some lectures. Just ask the professor if he/he allows you to listen to his lectures. If he/she does allow you, so you can just drop in and enjoy.

Can I take subjects that are not from my faculty but I think it would contribute to my formation? Like if I am in pharmacy and I want to take courses in the Arts and Science faculty?
You may request a course that is not directly related to your faculty and may need to argue about your decision, which may be accepted.

Will Computer Engineering students be able to take courses offered by the Computer Science department? I understand there is a department/faculty restriction as stated in the Terms and Conditions, but is it applied to those CSC courses aimed specifically at ECE students too?
You may request for CSC courses as well. However, for requesting them, you go directly to CIE instead of talking to the Engineering Department. I got accepted for every CSC course I requested.


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