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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:04 pm

Will I be able to choose for what company I will get the internship?
Yes, you are responsible for finding an internship or research placement that fulfill CBIE and CNPq requirements.

The CsF program requires me to do an intership. How does it work?
The CIE will help you in your search for internships and help you prepare for the process of applying. There are many companies that are looking for interns, especially in the summer, and they typically require a resume and a statement of interest, followed by an interview.

Can I join a research team as soon as I get to Toronto? Or must I wait until May, when getting into a research team is pretty much mandatory (for Ciência sem Fronteiras students)?
It is possible to join some research beforehand. In addition, depending on your program, it is possible to have the research be listed as a course, but this must be approved beforehand by the department of your study.

I know I will have to join a research program during my exchange. Could I know the research areas I will be able to choose? Can I also choose my research professor?
If you are looking for a research placement you are responsible for finding and contacting a professor in your area of study. The CIE is prepared to help you by reaching out to a professor according to your interests.

Since we are required by CsF program to perform a internship in a laboratory or industry, is there a place in which we can find this kind of opportunity to apply to?
The UofT Career Centre has a web portal with job postings, you are allowed to use it as any other UofT student. Also, CIE has begun to post information on positions at However, you can use any other resource that you want.


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