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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:15 pm

Is there some kind of University Restaurant?
No, there isn’t one specific University Restaurant. Uoft is much too big for that. However, some residences have dining halls.

Does UofT offer meal plans for CsF students?
Yes, it does. The plans offered to CsF students are the same offered to other students, but they will be more expensive than buying your own groceries. If you are interested, follow the link here:

Where are the nicest and cheapest places to have a meal near St. George campus?
There are almost countless restaurants both in and near campus. Check this out to get an idea of their diversity! :
Near campus, you can also find fast food options such as Subway, Burger King, Pizza Pizza, as well as Shawarma Places and Sushi. Bloor street west and Spadina also have countless restaurants to try.
Also, eating at Medical Science building is quite agreeable, they have some interesting, reasonable priced options and accept meal plan credits.

What are some good places to shop for groceries?
Some cheap places are No Frills, Walmart, Nosso Talho (Portuguese place), Loblaws. Another option would be Metro, but it’s a bit more expensive.

Can I find Brazilian food, if so, where?
You can find some brazilian food at Nosso Talho (

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some good places to shop for groceries?

Nosso Talho (close to Dufferin subway station) for meat and Brazilian stuff.
No Frills e Food Basics in general.

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