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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:00 am

Do you receive us on the airport?

There is no one responsible for receiving SWB students at the airport, but don’t worry, getting to the university or downtown is quite simple. There are some options for getting to your house/hostel:
-Taking the public transportation (TTC): It costs $2.80* each token (when you buy 3 or more) or $3.00* (as of 2015). At the airport it is possible to take a bus to Kipling Subway Station (the bus can be the 192 or the 300 - one bus just passes when the other doesn’t). When you reach Kipling station you are able to access the other stations/other buses. You can make your route on the following website:
-Taking a taxi: It costs around $60.00, but varies depending on your final destination.
-Taking a train: You can take a GO train from the airport to the Union Station, where you have access to the TTC. It will start working in this Spring.
*Prices for 2015

Will the university help us with temporary housing until we can find permanent housing?
No, however, you can stay in a hostel for some days when you arrive. A hostel is a kind of hotel where you can share the bedroom with other people to make the price lower. There is one really near the St. George Campus. Check the website: . You can also search for others hostels in the city. In addition, you can check summer residences in-campus (if you are arriving before the first week of September) . These are college residences that stay open during the summer for anyone (or any student). Check here:


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