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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:52 pm

What are the first steps we must take regarding U of T when we arrive in Canada?
There are two things you have to do as soon as possible. First, go to Robarts Library with you Acceptance Letter and Passport (including Student Permit) in order to get your TCard. Secondly, go to CIE (Cumberland Building) and ask your CsF program coordinator for your “Start Letter”, which states that you have arrived at UofT (you must submit a copy of this letter to CNPq on Carlos Chagas platform).

When will we be getting our student ID and whatever else we need to use the universities services?
All you need to have in order to use university services is your TCard. As soon as you get in Toronto, go to Robarts Library with you Acceptance Letter and Passport (including Student Permit) to get your TCard.

How does my U of T card works, and what kind of benefits does it offer?
Your TCard gives you access to the UofT facilities and services, for example: Hart House Gym, Athletic Centre, libraries spread around the campuses, and computer rooms (if you’re enrolled in Computer Sciences or Engineering programs, you also have a printing quota). Your TCard also gives you discounts in some places and events, for example at ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), and allows you to pay the discounted post-secondary student fare on TTC Pass.

Is there any kind of introductory week before classes start (where new students get to interact with each other and get to know the campus better)?
Yep! CIE will definitely host events before classes start, stay tuned!
Vinícius: You may check the general orientation events as well at

Do Science without Borders students have the same right as regular Undergraduate Students to be a part of the College System? If so, how do we choose a College, or are we randomly placed in one of them?
No, SwB students are not part of any college on campus, but most of the events and clubs happening on campus have no college requirement.


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