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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any UofT Housing options for CsF students?
Uoft has residences on campus, but these are primarily utilized by 1st year domestic students and graduate students. However, it is possible to get a place in these residences, although it is competitive and can be determined by either being on a waitlist or by academic merit. In the past, it has been quite rare for a CSF student to get a place in a UofT residence. The vast majority of CSF students find off-campus housing. Here is a link to all of the residences on the UofT St.George campus:

You can compare features, requirements, prices and so on amongst them.

How much would it cost approximately to live on residence on campus if it is available?

Typically, the price to live on campus will be more expensive than living off-campus. Here are the prices for the residences listed in a chart:

Will I be able to choose where and with whom I’ll live with?

It depends on the on-campus residence you apply to, they will each have their policy about roommates. There is usually a questionnaire that asks about general lifestyle questions.

Which residences can we apply for? How can we do that?

Historically, CSF students have found places in the Chestnut residence and the Tartu building (which is not officially a UofT residence but it houses primarily UofT students).


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